A School Celebration

  1. Get the school ready for Teacher’s Day: decorate the school – the entrance, the teacher’s lounge and classrooms (to download and print signs, click here).
  2. At the entrance to the school or the classroom, hand out flowers or other small gifts to the teachers.
  3. Set up a thank you letter writing stand (to download and print predesigned thank you letters, click here).
  4. Hold a special ceremony of gratitude at school in honor of Teacher’s Day.
  5. Organize a festive reception / breakfast.
  6. Conduct a joint teacher/student sports tournament day / half a day, prior to Teacher’s Day and hold the finals on the day itself.
  7. Create healthy competition between the different classes, including prizes – which class is the most festive?
  8. Place writing boards around the school for students to write thank you notes and other messages to their teachers.
  9. Mark the class calendar and the exam schedule (today!) with the date of “Teacher’s Day”.

Need some advice on how to celebrate Teacher’s Day? Do you have additional ideas you would like to share with us? Please feel free to contact us.